Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Fun Weekend!!

This has been a great weekend! I am thankful for God blessing me with such a great weekend after the tough week I had at work. There were lots of tough situations at school this week that left me drained! On Friday we went with Corky Alexander to see Emma singing with Eddie James. This was a super powerful service. After the week I had, it was wonderful to see how full of life and joy the teens are that attended. I left feeling like I had left a huge bag of other people's burdens at the feet of Jesus. Today, Saturday, started with Robb, Anna Claire, and I walking our dogs. It was soo beautiful walking outside. I had just read my friend Faith's blog where she listed things that she loved about life. While walking, and really throughout the day I kept thinking about the things I loved. There may be a lot of difficult things that we deal with in life but... It does not compared to the many wonderful things that life holds for us/ me. I am surrounded by beauty. After walking I went grocery shopping by myself (always a fun thing for me) and cooked a pot of chili and apple crisp. These were for game watching at Suzy's house. We went over there with a variety of friends and family to watch the Alabama/Kentucky game. It was fun to watch all together, even thought Alabama did not look great. Hanging out like that is why I love Saturday's. It is so important to take time to share life with others. Especially the good things about life. Dealing with the death of a student has given me a whole new appreciation for the freshness life and needing to live it to it's fullness.

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K E Alexander said...

Thanks to you and Robb (and AC) for sharing Friday night with Corky. I missed being there! And I'm glad you were able to roll the cares over on the Lord.